Paul McBeth, Disc Golf World Tour join forces

Following the announcement of the Disc Golf World Tour, four-time PDGA World Champion and the current number one ranked disc golfer in the world has announced he is fully committing himself to the DGWT. McBeth and Spin18 Ltd., the company behind the DGWT came to an agreement to have McBeth serve as an “Athlete Ambassador” to help promote future DGWT events around the world. McBeth will attend all six DGWT events in 2016.

We spoke with McBeth at the USDGC and while he will miss a few events in the United States, he is excited about how the DGWT provides new opportunities, “The sport needs to grow and International events are where it’s at. There are many great disc golfers coming out of the United States and some top players coming out of Finland. Europe has even greater potential to have more top notch players and these events are just the beginning for them.” McBeth says, “I’m anxious for the competitions in Czech Republic and Estonia. New markets for disc golf are always exciting.”

With the focus of the DGWT on an external audience to disc golf, McBeth understands how he and others will play a vital role in the DGWT, “People like myself and other top level professionals will be focusing our time promoting these events. These could be meet and greets, media interviews, and all sorts of things. That’s our job. We have a more important role now and have more responsibility with the DGWT. As players, we have to be more professional. That could be the way we dress or act on and off the course. Now we have the opportunity thanks to what Jussi Meresmaa and Spin18 Ltd. have started.”

After years of success in the United States, Paul is looking forward to playing and promoting disc golf on the world stage, “Having the chance to be the face of disc golf internationally is an opportunity bigger than I realize. The future is bright and I’m ready to be a part of disc golf history.”

The Disc Golf World Tour begins play in March 2016.

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