Help support Sarah Hokom after horrific car accident

Sarah Hokom’s 2015 PDGA World Championship will certainly be one that she never forgets. Unfortunately, it won’t be for the right reasons. Friday morning, just prior to the fifth round starting, Hokom was involved in a nasty car accident which she was fortunate to walk away from. Her car was totaled and Hokom was left bruised, but in one piece.

Photographer Stuart Mullenberg quickly put together a campaign to raise money for Hokom to help offset some of her upcoming fees and costs to put things back together after the accident. At the time of this posting, people have donated a little over $4,000 to help out Hokom.

In the video above, Hokom talked with The Disc Golf Guy about the accident and the following round. Take a moment to learn about just what happened and we encourage you to give a small donation to Hokom to help get things settled again for her. Even $5-10 can go a long way.

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