Flying Circus is Here Again!

Simon is back in the USA for a new season! This Spring we’ll host events in California, Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma in the United States. Meet our team players Simon Lizotte and Eric Oakley on tour for a throwing clinic, radar gun and cool tour merchandise!

Here’s the deal:

Tour Schedule

Simon Lizotte right before the tour:

“I had a really long, cold and wet off season at home in Germany. Not ideal to stay in shape. The weather, being cold, windy and rainy almost every day, didn’t allow for fun practice. I played one event this off season in the coldest conditions I’ve ever played in. -10C (14 F) plus some gusty winds. This was also my first event putting with gloves on. I managed to pull the win off by one stroke even though it was a crazy day out there. I tried to get out on the course as much as possible, of course. Every time I got a chance to go play it was something really exciting for me. I still love playing this game!

I somehow managed to gain 10 pounds throughout this winter. That’s something crazy for me because usually I was’t able to gain wait no matter what I did. Seems like I’m getter older. What’s interesting to me though is, that this extra weight helps my drives. I feel like I get more power from my midsection now. Especially on my 360 throws, which I’ve been working on a lot. One of my main goals this season is to push that distance world record a little further.

My disc golf game feels weirdly good for the lack of practice I’ve had. Every time I played, I shot close to my course record and averaged a lot better on my home course then I have in the past. Consistency is one thing that I really needed to work on and things are looking great. Even playing in 5 layers of clothes did’t bother me. I am very much looking forward to throwing in shorts and a T-shirt again though. I feel mentally way stronger now and ready for the season to kick off. Physically I wish I could have done more to be in better shape but then again I really needed my time here at home to relax after two crazy long seasons for me. Good thing disc golf is a mental game!  

The discs in my bag haven’t changed a lot – but my bag has! I am really excited about the new “Lizotte Grip Bag” and love carrying it around. What’s kind of new about my disc lineup is that I’ve been using the same discs for a while now. I’m feeling very comfortable with my plastic and I know each disc better than I usually do. It somehow feels like my game has matured a lot, which might really help me out there.

Most things are already set in my schedule. I came in California a week ago and have 5 events in a row that make an intense start to this year. There’s so much to look forward to and I feel readier than ever to take on the best in the game! I really look forward to seeing you guys on the Flying Circus Tour! Also the first ever Disc Golf World Tour event in La Mirada will be huge. Don’t miss it – watch it on-site or online.”

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