Early Season Update

Already this year, I have played 5 events, driven 6 thousand miles, but I have yet to grab myself a win for 2012. Through the first 5 events I have been struggling to get my game to meet my expectations. But I have to say; there have been many positive aspects and growing experiences I will take away from these early season tournaments. Finding a groove in this game can be tricky, and not as easy as we as professionals make it seem. There are many things that go into finding the confidence to preform at your best; sometimes it can be as small as a single putt. With a few weekends off until the Glass Blown in Emporia, Kansas, I will continue to work on my game and keep my goals set to the highest standard.

I have to spend some major time around the basket and find my confidence when I step up to a putt.  I will also be spending some time at about 150’ and in to really hone in my short game. Refining these types of shots will improve my confidence with any throw after my tee shot, which will inevitably save me multiple strokes in a round.

Back to work…