Eagle McMahon at Disc Golf Boot Camp

Mental Toughness and Discipline

Hello Discmaniacs! We have been in Switzerland for just over two weeks training with G-Balance. In the first two weeks, everyday has presented itself with a challenge whether it be; strength training, agility, coordination, going through withdrawals missing your favorite food, or dealing with Simon’s music taste. It it not easy, but through the discomfort, it is teaching Simon and myself to be mentally tougher and more disciplined. Each day, we feel like we are steps closer to be the best we can be.

Daily Routines

Everyday we have a strict schedule to follow. There is never any sleeping in, you go to bed at 10:00pm and wake up at 7:00am whether you like it or not. From 7-8, we cook our own breakfast. 8-9 there is some time to digest food, foam roll, and start warming up for a training session. From 9-10 we have some sort of exercise whether it be; jogging, coordination, sprinting, or strength. Until after dinner, we have time to rest, recover, and do homework. After dinner, there is either strength training or coordination. On Wednesday and Saturday, we have coaching session for mental planning and nutrition. Even though we have a lot on our plates, we do have a good amount of free time to relax and maintain our sanity.

Put it in Calendar

Each pushup I do, I become more and more motivated for the coming season. In only two weeks of training, I believe that the time here has made me a stronger person both physically and mentally. I have learned that having a strict schedule is the ultimate driving force for success and continued motivation. Reflecting back on 2017, I have noticed that I was out of sorts in multiple areas in my life. I was not focused enough, I may have not been in good shape physically, or maybe been in a poor environment. Noticing these things is important so that you can take the steps to improve on them. Moving into the 2018 season, my goal is to always give my 100% both on and off the course. That might mean practicing more, working out, maintaining composure, etc. Of course it would be nice to win some events, but I feel it is more important to stand by which ever guidelines and ideals you have set for yourself.

Do More

When I signed up for this endeavor I knew it would not be easy nor did I want it to be. Casey Neistat, one of my favorite YouTubers, always quotes “DO MORE”, which always reminds me to go outside my comfort zone and do tough things. Nothing good comes easily. As the time ticks down, both Simon and I are confident that the time we are taking training here will help make 2018 the best season yet.

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