Doss fights to second place finish at Silver Cup

It’s always nice when a plan comes together, especially when that plan ends in a second place finish on the second Disc Golf Pro Tour event. For Nate Doss a very hot finished helped see his plan come to fruition. His best finish in recent weeks helps keep some momentum on Doss’ side before some upcoming international travel.

Before Doss hit the road we caught up with the second place finisher.

A second place finish obviously feels good, right?

“Feels great! Honestly, it was one of those weekends where I finished in second, but never saw the lead card. For me, that’s all positive. That means I worked my way higher and higher with a chance to win, but never went backwards.”

“If you lead from the beginning and lose on the last hole to take second it’s a different feeling than coming from behind. Feels good to finish strong and have my strategy pay off.”

You shot the best score of the final round thanks in part to an eagle on a monster par 5 to finish the tournament. Walk us through that final hole.

“You actually have to go back to hole 15. My whole round came down to me shooting five under par on the last four holes. I’ve never done that. Hole 15 was a long par 4 though the woods. I threw a phenomenal drive that missed everything and skipped up to the circle and knocked it down for a 2. Birdie next on Hole 16, par on Hole 17. Then on Hole 18, I had no idea where the scores were. The guys walking with the scoreboards were not correct and I figured I’d just go for it and go for the three and finish strong.”

“I got a nice kick off a tree on my drive and then threw my sidearm from about 300 feet down a corridor. It was a do or die moment and turned out to be one of the best sidearms I’ve had in a while. That left me with the tap in for the three.”

“To shoot five under for that last 4 is amazing feeling.”

You were looking for a hot start and didn’t quite get it in that first round. Do you think that made the difference between 1st and second for you?

“I stand behind my original statement. I thought someone was going to be 20 under par after that first day and it just didn’t happen. It seemed like it would be a normal day, but the wind kicked up and it hit many out there. Coming out of that first round I thought I was going to have a battle, which to some extent I did, but I was only four off the lead. That boosted the confidence and I thought I had the opportunity to shoot a really good score and move up. And, I did… I shot a 60, but the guy ahead of me, Ricky Wysocki, shot a course record with a 56 and put him eight ahead of myself in fifth at that point.”

“I wouldn’t have thought I would have shot 20 under par for the weekend. If I could have shot 10 under, I would have felt good. That goes back to never playing this tournament before and new courses. A surprise, but a good one.”

You now have a trip to Europe in front of you before heading right back to the United States Minnesota Majestic. Are you afraid of the amount of travel coming up?

“10 years ago, maybe. Today, the travel… I’m confident in how to travel, avoid jet lag, travel smartly, and get good rest. 10 years ago I would have been on a high about traveling internationally, but that isn’t the case now. I’ve scheduled things out where I just have to get from point a to point b and focus on the courses.”

“Plus, since it looks like we only have one course to worry about in Minnesota, that helps. I’m looking forward to the travel. I want to win in Stockholm and take home a major.”

After the Vibram Open and now Silver Cup the last few weeks, are you still feeling pretty confident in your game?

“I can’t say its at an all time high, but my confidence is at a season high. I’m feeling strong with the putter. That feels good and gives me confidence in the rest of my game. But I do know, I need to stick with it and better my game. Work smarter, not harder. I don’t need to be out every day. Just need to tune it up and be healthy.”

“I’m looking forward to the second half of the summer season with some strong finishes and to be in position to take home a victory. It’s been a while since a win. I’ve always said I’m working harder and harder and until that day comes, I’ll keep working hard and put myself in position to win.”

Thanks to Doss for the conversation. We spoke with him from this year’s Am Worlds before he hit Chicago to fly out to Sweden. We’ll continue to follow him over the next few weeks and speak to him again before the next Disc Golf Pro Tour stop.

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