Disc Golf Vault: Paul McBeth’s highest rated round ever

February means one thing to disc golfers: the start of the 2015 season. We already had the Aussie Open, the first Major of 2015, but you don’t get the same “start of the year” feel anywhere other than The Memorial Championship in Phoenix, Az.

An event that has been dominate by one man, bet you can’t guess who, Paul McBeth, has won The Memorial three out of the last four years. His only non-victory was a, slightly controversial, playoff loss to Will Schusterick in 2013.

While Paul didn’t win, he was still the the talk of the tournament. His final round was one for the record books. Paul shot a ridiculous 39 (-17), carding a birdie on 17 of the 18 holes. Only missing a birdie on hole #9 by a matter of inches. The round was rated at an astonishing 1132. Braking the previous record of 1117 held by Ken Climo and Brian Skinner.

Next time you’re out at your local course, count your strokes until you reach 39, for me that usually comes around hole 12 or 13. Then you’ll realize just how crazy it is that McBeth shot a full 18 holes, during the final round of a tournament, a National Tour none the less, in that many strokes.

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