Disc Golf Vault: Paul McBeth Field Work

It’s been said many times before, and I’ll say it once more, Paul McBeth is without a doubt the current number one disc golfer in the world. If there is any single person to look up to and model your game after, it’s Paul. Luckily for us, he was nice enough to film his field work and go over his practice routines.

Paul and teammate Jared Roan, another top touring pro, demonstrate what they do in the field to get their game ready for tournaments at the top level. As well as what they do when testing new discs. Touching on form, follow through, and foot work this is one of the best videos out there for information on proper practice.

People say practice makes perfect, but I think it’s perfect practice that makes perfect. With the new season officially upon us, check out this video, go get out to a field, and practice your shots. It’s time to get your game tuned up before tournament season rolls around!

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