Disc Golf Vault: 2013 European Open

This weekend is the biggest disc golf tournament of the year in Europe It’s an event that only occurs every other year. It takes place on a course nicknamed “The Beast” in Nokia, Finland. The Beast is one of the most challenging, beautiful, and all around amazing courses in the world. Im talking of course about the European Open.

This video is a joint production between some of the top video crews in disc golf. LCGM8 and SpinTV provide the video, on top of that you’ve got Central Coast Disc Golf doing what they do best, commentary.

As if having arguably one of the best courses in the world, being filmed by some of the best media crews in the world, the players are 4 of the top 10 in the world. To start the round we’ve got the reigning World Champion, Paul McBeth, clinging to a 1 stroke lead over USDGC Champion, Will Schusterick. In a battle for 3rd, only 4 and 5 strokes back of the lead respectively, we’ve got Dave Feldberg rocking the best beard disc golf has ever seen, holding on to a 1 stroke advantage over the best forehander in the game, Jeremy Koling.

How will it all play out? Will McBeth hold off Schusterick? Will Feldberg, Koling, or someone from the 2nd card make a push and challenge the leaders? You’re just going to have to watch the videos to find out!

Part two

Part three

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