Disc Golf Unchained video game released

After some extensive beta testing, the long awaited Disc Golf Unchained mobile game has been released! Local Route Labs has been developing the app for at least two years and they’ve taken a very steady approach to making sure they could create the app they’ve dreamed of.

Disc Golf Unchained

Disc Golf Unchained is currently released for Android with the iOS version awaiting approval in the App Store. Developer Tyler Krucas last night and he expects the iOS version to be approved this upcoming week.

The app is free to download and is ad supported with an option to remove the ads with an in app purchase.

We’ve been able to beta test Disc Golf Unchained and we’ve been impressed with how far they’ve come over the last few months. The flight engine has seen improvements and they say more are on the way. This release of the app is considered to be an Alpha version and development will continue, but they felt the app was at a strong enough point to put it into everyone’s hands.

Disc Golf Unchained

You’ll find various environments, which they call biomes, to play in. Hilly, snowy, wooded, etc… they are all there. As you play, you’ll be able to unlock more biomes with the app’s “currency” awards. Each par, birdie, or better will give you a few coins and these coins can go toward better attributes, courses, and new discs.

Disc Golf Unchained

There are just fictional discs to choose from at launch, but we’re hoping Local Route Labs works out some licensing deals with real world companies so we can all throw our favorite plastic.

You can find Disc Golf Unchained in the Google Play Store for free. The iOS version should be available soon.


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