4 the Wind! The Super Flat C-line MD4

The much anticipated C-line MD4 stock release is finally upon us. Let’s just say it was worth the wait. This disc is the overstable brother of the popular MD3 midrange. Its flight numbers are: Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3. Both the first run edition and the stock run will be released on Friday, Sep 1st 2017.

Lower Your Score with the Flat Top MD4

C-line MD4 - regular and first run are out on Sep 1st 2017

The MD4 has a blunt nose with that standard MD3 micro-bead giving it a familiar feel in the hand. Not only is the MD4 a great tool for , but it also has a surprising amount of glide, allowing your shots to fade more while still maintaining predictability. Whether you’re facing a stiff wind, looking for a controlled hyzer line, or throwing a nice touch sidearm, the MD4 has you covered. We find this disc to be much more versatile than most other overstable mid-ranges on the market due to the mix of stability and glide.

It’s also worth noting, that while the European Open fundraiser run, that sold out practically immediately, had somewhat of a dome to them, these stock and First Run releases feature a totally flat profile. This means that they have a touch less glide than the fundraiser MD4’s, but make up for that in added high speed stability.

The C-line MD4 is board flat.

The side profile of the C-line MD4.

Get Your Own C-line MD4

The release date is Friday, September 1st. Don’t wait, grab yourself an MD4 and lower your score!

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