2015 Discraft Ace Race disc revealed

The time for the annual Discraft Ace Race event is itching closer and today Discraft announced the 2015 Ace Race prototype disc. After a few years of drivers, Discraft has slowed things down and went with a putter for this year’s events.

2015 Discraft Ace Race

Photo: Discraft

We haven’t seen or used the new putter ourselves, but based on looks alone it appears the disc will have a decent depth to it which should bring some nice glide. The convex bottom wing and round nose could bring a pretty straight flight. Granted, these are just based on looks, and looks can be deceiving. Once we are able to get our hands on this year’s disc we’ll have a full review.

Be sure to find an Ace Race in your local area or register to host one yourself! Events start August 1, 2015.

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