1,000 Ways for Discmania to Say ‘We Love You’

For over ten years, you’ve shown us at Discmania love time and time again. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate all the support you’ve shown us. This Valentine’s Day we want to make sure we show some love back. In fact, we have 1,000 ways to do exactly that.

“Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for all of us. Traditionally, it’s a time for flowers and chocolate,” Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa says. “We at Discmania wanted to add one dimension to this special day. We want to see people spend more time together. Disc golf is a perfect past time and should be enjoyed together.”

To help spread the love and get some extra discs in your hands, we have two special treats planned.

Buy One, Get One Free

Starting Thursday (Feb 1) and continuing through Monday (Feb 5), each purchase at the Discmania Store in the US and InnovaStore in Europe will get another disc of the same type for free. If you have had your eye on a brand new C-Line MD3, you’ll get another MD3 with our special Valentine’s Day stamp. You can see the available Valentine’s Day models here: Discmania Store located in the United States and InnovaStore in Europe.

  • By purchasing one of these products, we’ll add a matching disc to your order once it’s processed. So if you order 1 of these, you’ll receive 2. If you order 2 of these, you’ll receive 4 and so on. The bonus discs will be in the same weight range as the ones ordered. Disc and stamp colors will vary.
  • Please note: The shipping of the Valentine’s Day Special items starts on February 7th. This means none of the orders containing these items will ship prior to Wednesday, February 7th.

Think of that free disc as a little love from us to you. Throw it straight in the bag or take it as a chance to get someone else started with disc golf. If that is your favorite disc, there is a good chance someone else might love it as well. We feel pretty confident there is someone around that is either just getting started with disc golf or they’ve been thinking about it for a while. Help be that catalyst that pushes it over the edge.

Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Mini-stamp

The fun continues Tuesday (Feb 6) through Valentine’s Day (Wed, Feb 14) with a special Valentine’s Day mini-stamp. This limited edition artwork will only be available during this period. If you spend $50 at the Discmania Store you’ll receive another disc with this limited stamp for free. Stay tuned for more information close to the release date.

The start of the 2018 PDGA National Tour is just around the corner and the weather will be warming up soon enough. This is the perfect opportunity to restock on your favorites before the season starts.

Since you’ve decided to reinvent your game and throw Discmania, think of this disc as a reminder of how much we love you too.

While there are just 1,000 discs reserved for Valentine’s Day, this is the start of many ways we’ll continue to show our love to you in 2018 as this is the Year of the Shield. For now, the shield is more heart-like than normal.

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